Your Fiduciary Solution for Health & Welfare Benefits Plans

Built by industry experts, Fiduciary In A Box ensures fiduciary excellence through a user-friendly compliance process, automated document management, and more.

Powerful Features Built to Streamline and Simplify

A Guided Walkthrough

Intuitive, Quick and…fun?

Blast through tasks as we guide you through a series of questions that are both thorough and satisfying, ensuring you’ll get compliant in no time.

Document Management

One Location. All Your Files.

All relevant documents are automatically organized in your Fiduciary File for easy access, simple sharing, and painless ongoing management.

Assemble Your Team

Get (and stay) on the Same Page.

Invite & manage committee members, assign documents to each individual, set calendar reminders, and collaborate with your fiduciary team like never before.

Why Your Business Needs Fiduciary In A Box

Recent legislative changes have created new contract, attestation, and reporting requirements for your health & welfare benefits plan. It has never been more important to establish and document your fiduciary process, and FIAB is a turnkey solution.

Get Organized

Gather all your health plan documents and FIAB will organize them for you. Know exactly where things are when you need them.

Get Compliant

See exactly what is required of you and document the steps you’ve taken to adhere to laws and regulations.

Follow Best Practices

Learn principles and processes to demonstrate you’re fulfilling your fiduciary duties at every turn.

Identify Opportunity

Uncover efficiencies and hidden waste that are common across the industry, and document your efforts to reduce costs.

Reduce Risk

Create a complete fiduciary file to ensure you’re prepared for an audit from the DOL, HHS, IRS or any other regulatory agency.

Avoid Litigation

Optimize your health plan to provide better benefits, and document your decision making process to ensure your plan is beyond reproach.

Other Core Features
Knowledge Base

Become your company’s fiduciary maestro, leveraging countless informative articles and tutorials written by industry experts.

Calendar & Notifications

Keep your team on the same page through a unified team calendar with important dates, notifications, reminders, and more.

Progress Reports

Review and export overall progress in a comprehensive summary highlighting outstanding tasks, completion levels, and more.

Auditor Access

Provide read-only access to auditors for review of progress made, documents gathered, tasks completed, etc.

Strategic Awareness

Identify new strategies to evaluate, and determine if they are a good fit for your plan.

Sample Documents

Access ERISA-attorney-drafted document templates to get a head start on compliance, and reduce your legal bills.


"If the DOL audits your plan, and you present them with a complete fiduciary file from FIAB, the auditor will have little to no basis for criticizing your plan."


Karen Handorf | Senior Counsel | Berger Montague
25 years at the Department of Labor


"Completing the fiduciary process established by Fiduciary In A Box will significantly reduce an employer’s risk of being sued for fiduciary breach."


Julie Selesnick | Senior Counsel | Berger Montague

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